eWEEK Europe UK: If You Can’t Beat Malware, Tunnel Through It


Start-up Israeli security company Trusteer claims to have hit on a different tactic when it comes to combating financial malware and making activities such as online banking more secure.

Rather than trying to eliminate every nasty from a user’s desktop, the four year-old company claims its Rapport software establishes a secure link between a customer’s desktop and the bank’s systems, excluding any malware in the process. The approach has been greeted with enthusiasm by analysts with a recent report from Frost and Sullivan neatly distilling the problem and Trusteer’s response to it.

“This new approach makes the basic assumption that the end user’s computer will always have active malware scripts and applications,” the report states. “In the battle of protecting information from malware, Trusteers’ solution takes the right approach of focusing on what needs to be done rather then fighting a lost battle.”

And it is not only analysts that are impressed. Banks including RBS and Natwest are already urging their customer to adopt the software, with HSBC becoming the latest financial services company to jump on board.

But despite its promise, Trusteer – and the customers using it – have come in from some criticism from more traditional anti-virus companies. Graham Cluley, a security expert with Sophos has blogged about dubious metrics used by RBS to encourage customers to adopt Rapport. He also criticised the decision by HSBC to allow its customer to save their log-in IDs locally – not connected to the Rapport software deal according to Trusteer – which he described as usability wrongly triumphing over security.

For more go to: eWEEK Europe UK

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