Recent published analysis and articles


Technology Trends for Highly Effective Colocation Deployments

Common pitfalls to avoid in a datacenter move

451 Research reports: Datacenters and critical infrastructure

Schneider’s datacenter services: Shifting from manual to automatic

STULZ refreshes its cooling business with DCIM and modular datacenters

ISC 2017: The HPC industry calculates the impact of cloud, machine learning

Legrand’s datacenter whole could be greater than the sum of its parts

IT in the developing world

Survival training with the UN’s ICT specialists (

Saving lives with mobile open source (

Video: Flying doctors bring computer aid to Africa (

Environmental business and sustainable tech

The green technology paradox (NHS Resource Centre)

Innocent Smoothies’ green claims go pear-shaped (BusinessGreen)

Boris performs fuel cell U-turn (BusinessGreen)

BP denies renewables sell-off rumours (BusinessGreen)

Stern: downturn won’t slow green efforts (Smartplanet)

Prince Charles backs ‘green’ thin clients (

Video: CRT monitors given a second life in Africa (

Government approach to IT recycling under fire (

Recycling legislation finally enforced (

Open source

Jim Zemlin and the Linux Foundation: Looking after Linus (Heise UK)

Red Hat’s new chief: A pragmatic believer? (

Novell: Putting the FOSS in Fossa (

Novell chief: We helped Microsoft be more open (

Interviews, comment and features

Carbon reporting standards: a beginners’ guide (BusinessGreen)

Jim Zemlin and the Linux Foundation: Looking after Linus (Heise UK)

Are the $100 laptop’s good intentions good enough? (

The Redmond machine: terminating the opposition (Computing)

Questions + Answers: Expedia UK’s James Vaile (Computing)

Corporate work

Green column for Microsoft NHS IT Resource Centre

Green IT: Doing more with less

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