Skills and Experience


1. Analysis and report writing
Andrew has been tracking and analysing the IT industry for over 20 years, researching the development and adoption of a range of business and consumer technologies. His main focus as an analyst is datacenter technology.  Other areas of specialty include environmental legislation in Europe and North America, and innovations in IT and energy.

2. Proven experience editing and running a website
Four and a half years as section editor and later executive editor of award winning technology and business web site (voted best business website by the Association of Online Publishers 2007). Role involved writing, commissioning and editing news, features, comment and video content and line managing reviews editor, production editor, technical editor and news editor. Also work closely with the site director and community manager on product development and strategy.

3. Substantial experience of subbing copy, selecting and processing images, producing lively and engaging headlines
Direct line manager for production editor and one sub-editor so closely involved in all aspects of production. Edit news, feature and video content from a team of three internal reporters and an extensive group of freelancers which includes writing punchy headlines and decks designed to grab eyes and search engines online.

4. Knowledge and understanding of issues covering sustainability, climate change, environmental planning and green ‘lifestyle’
B.Sc in Zoology which included several modules in Environmental Science. Main focus for reporting on was covering environmental issues that impact the technology industry including recycling and re-use of hardware, sustainable manufacturing, alternative energy, and all aspects of green technology. Also involved with the launch of CNET Networks environmental website Smartplanet including help manage a team of freelancers and edit business related stories on this mainly consumer launch.

5. Experience of writing for the web
Hired as an online journalism trainee in 1997 to work on business and technology website VNUNet (now Incisive Media). Trained in all aspects of web journalism and content management. Four and half years as a senior editor on which includes reporting, and writing leaders, reviews, features and comment pieces.

6. Experience of commissioning specialist writers
Two years experience as Assistant News and Analysis editor for leading business and technology weekly magazine Computing including commissioning analysis, features and comment pieces. Four and half years experience managing the feature content for covering all aspects of the technology industry from specialist technology writers and in-house staff.

7. Strong ideas on building online communities and encouraging users to generate content.
One of the core team of senior editors involved in the design, page specifications and development of the re-design on in 2006 around online community. Work closely with,uk’s community editor on how to increase community traffic and integrate community and editorial developed content. Reported and commissioned numerous articles on the rise of so-called Web 2.0 technology and its impact on online commerce and wider internet development.

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