Crossing the edge knowledge chasm


achieve-1822503_1920My new role at Vertiv has kept me busy – in an exciting way – over the last couple of months so I’ve been a bit remiss in keeping this blog up to date.

However, events last week deserve a special mention.

Vertiv held its first Innovation Summit in Zagreb, Croatia on 16th and 17th April. The event had a regional focus with more than 300 delegates from across Central and Southern Europe from Croatia to Israel.

The central theme of the event was edge compute.

If that term sends a small shudder down your spine – it shouldn’t do. Edge is an important trend but it has also attracted a lot of hype which has at times outpaced technical clarity on what edge actually means in practice.

As Vertiv EMEA president Giordano Albertazzi puts it succinctly in this LinkedIn post, there is something of an edge knowledge gap out there between how some suppliers are using the term and  how end-users understand ‘the edge’.

“…one of the questions raised during a round table with journalists was about whether edge is really a new phenomenon or simply a re-branding exercise for existing branch office computing or content distribution networks?

I can understand that view, but I think edge as it is being defined now is most definitely something new and on a different scale to anything that we have seen before.

True, we have infrastructure – such as our range of prefabricated modular data centres manufactured outside of Zagreb – which predate the current focus on edge. But we are also already seeing demand for those systems in a range of new edge deployments.

So while there is certainly a ‘legacy edge’, there will also be a large number of clearly distinct and disruptive use cases which we believe will proliferate well beyond any pre-existing notions of edge.”

Vertiv is doing its bit to bridge the knowledge gap with an ongoing research project to put more meat on the bones of edge including defining a series of edge uses cases and archetypes.

The full edge research report is available from the Vertiv website.  


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