Heading to Open Compute Summit

Am looking forward to attending my first Open Compute Summit in San Jose, California next week.

Aside from escaping the European winter for a week, the line-up of speakers looks great and it seems the event is morphing it one of the must-attend events (along with Green Grid US, Datacenter Dynamics London, Uptime Symposium US) in the datacenter calendar.

I am there principally on a fact-finding, and bridge-building, mission representing the European Commission-funded CoolEmAll project. The project is entering its final phase and we are keen to establish tighter links with industry initiatives such as Open Compute so that the research and technology developed in the project can be exploited by others, as well as adhere to industry standards.

I will also be interested to hear the panel discussion on the use of renewable energy in the datacenter which fits with the another EU project – RenewIT – in which 451 is involved. It’s still early days for RenewIT as the project only kicked off last November, but it’s good to see the use of renewable energy being debated at events such as Open Compute.

I will be writing up a number of reports for 451 Research on the event and will provide summaries and links to those in the coming weeks.