Even tech-savvy telcos can’t look after data

As if being crunched by credit wasn’t bad enough, some banks,and other firms, are facing more shame on Weds following the publication of a report from the information commissioner Richard Thomas.

We are used to seeing public sector organisations being lambasted for losing vital data – such as the HMRC incident last November – but this week Thomas is gunning for private companies claiming that around one quarter of the 277 breaches reported to his organisation in the last year concerned businesses.

More worrying is the fact that Thomas is set to get additional powers to fine companies over data breach issues.

Aside from banks, supposedly tech-savvy organisations such as telcos are also failing to keep control of their data according to Thomas. Over the past 18 months, four telecoms companies including Virgin Media, Orange have been warned over data management issues.

Thomas is set to speak this afternoon at the RSA Europe IT security show in Docklands this afternoon, and judging by the results of this report, he shouldn’t be short on stuff to say.

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