Budapest via Australia odyssey begins

Yep, it’s been a long time in the making but we are finally off tomorrow morning to begin our two month around the world ramble which will see us eventually relocating to Budapest for a while.

Credit-crisis? Global warming? Yes these are all concerns but sometimes you just have to say what the hell and run for the sun. I am still planning to do some assignments and try and pick up some interesting blog material along the way – there are some very cool geothermal projects happening in New Zealand and Fiji that I would like to check out. But mostly it’s a chance to just to escape the gloom and doom with some hard-core mooching.

The flight/travel itinerary goes something like this:

Nov 16 – London to Hong Kong 

Nov 21 Hong Kong to Darwin (Aus)

Nov 26 Darwin to Alice Springs

Nov 30 Alice Springs to Cairns

Drive Cairns to Byron Bay

Train Byron Bay to Sydney

17 Dec Sydney to Christchurch (NZ)

Drive Christchurch to Auckland

31 Dec Auckland to Nadi (Fiji)

11 Jan Nadi to Honolulu (Hawaii)

14 Jan Honolulu to London (back on 15 jan)

18 Jan London to Budapest

Facebook is probably the best place to catch-up with where we are but I will be updating this blog with anything journalism or blog related I get around to over the next 8 weeks or so.

Going to be back in London for two or three days when we are back but then we are off to live in Budapest for 6 months or longer – depending on how it all works out and whether this freelance thing is really possible from anywhere.

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