Government kicks UK when it’s down with more ID Card news

 Although the country is mortgaged to the hilt, the pound is worth about the same as it was in 1978, and job losses indicate that only PoundStretcher and McDonalds will be employing anyone by the end of the February, the government still thinks we want to hear about the benefits of ID Cards. 
Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, said:
“Those benefits include increased protection against identity fraud for the individual and help in protecting our communities against criminals, illegal immigrants and terrorists trying to exploit multiple identities.”

Here’s the entire missive from the Ministry of Truth which hit my in-box just now:

(Home Office) Benefits of Identity Cards will be delivered soon, Home Secretary tells Manchester

Work is underway to identify a number of areas across the UK where British nationals can be among the first to apply for an identity card, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced when she visited Manchester today.

Further details of plans to introduce the first voluntary identity cards for the general public this autumn were revealed during her visit to meet with young people and the city’s business and community leaders.

At a speech in Manchester Town Hall she emphasised the benefits identity cards will bring for the region and the country and set out the progress made in delivering the cards. Building on a commitment made in November she expanded on plans to make a limited number of the cards available early from this autumn.

A brand new website giving the public more information on keeping their identity secure will be launched in the Spring. British nationals interested in getting an identity card will be able to stay up-to-date with developments and can register to be told if the National Identity Service goes live in their region.

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