Green IT ’09 Conference: eWeek reporting

BAs Paul Coby at the Green IT 09 Event
BA's Paul Coby at the Green IT '09 Event

Just got back from a pretty hectic week in London trying to see everyone I needed to for work and friends too. Two days was spent at the Green IT Conference ’09 in the Business Design Centre in Islington. Some people thought it was much smaller than last year – which I guess is not surprising – but still managed to attract some good speakers including Paul Coby, BA’s CIO and several government bods too including the rapacious Catalina McGregor – a government IT champion no less.

You can check out all my reporting on eWeek Europe UK (yes it is a long and unwieldy name but at least its descriptive)

Government Demands Green IT Metrics As Standard

The UK Department for Work and Pensions says it won’t pay extra for information about the carbon impact and efficiency of IT products and services

Suppliers who try to charge end-users extra for supplying metrics about the carbon impact and energy usage of their equipment will get short-shrift from government departments such as the Department of Work and Pensions.


UK Will Get Tough on “Sweating” IT Assets

Green IT is not just about energy efficiency, the length of time that equipment is used is also key to improving sustainability, according to the government

Government IT departments could be asked to use some IT equipment for up to ten years and avoid unnecessary refreshes according to the body leading green tech regulation in the UK.


UK Claims World’s First “Mandated” Green IT Targets

An update to the Greening Government ICT strategy this July will include 10 “mandated targets”.. but will that mandate be backed with penalties?

The UK has become the first country in the world to have mandated green IT targets for government CIOs, according to the Cabinet Office deputy champion for green ICT.


BA: Too Much Vendor “Bollocks” In Green IT

The chief information officer of BA defended the airline’s green efforts – while sniping at “greenwash” from IT vendors

Vendors need to provide clear advice to companies around sustainable technologies and less hype and spin according to the chief information officer of British Airways.


(I did loads more but that should do for anyone who’s interested.)

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