eWEEK UK: Free Software Campaigners Disrupt iPad Launch

Apple has been criticised by free software campaigners over the way it controls music and other content on platforms including its newly launched iPad tablet device.

Launched on Wednesday at a event in San Francisco, the Apple iPad is expected to be released in the UK in March equipped with Wi-Fi access only with larger capacity 3G-enabled models available later in the year. As well as allowing users to browse music and video content in the same way as the iPhone and other Apple hardware, the iPad will also tap into an iBooks bookstore application launched alongside the device.

But free-software campaigners have criticised the iPad and iBooks launch as another example of the computer maker’s attempts to control digital content through technical measures known as digital rights management (DRM). Anti-DRM campaingers from the Free Software Foundation set up “Apple Restriction Zones” on approaches to the Yerba Buena Center For Arts, where the Apple launch was held.

For more go to: eWEEK Europe UK

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