eWEEK Europe UK: Nations Must Coordinate On Cybercrime

The head of an influential US think-tank has warned that the failure of countries to cooperate on cybercrime is harming efforts to combat the problem.

Speaking to eWEEK Europe UK at the Infosecurity Europe 2010 conference, Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the IT think-tank the Ponemon Institute, warned that the fight against cybercrime requires international cooperation, but that the process was failing currently.

Specifically, Ponemon said that most countries were failing to even bridge the divide between business and government on cybercrime issues – let alone talk to one another about the problem.

“Basically what we are finding is that the business government cooperartion is nearly non-existent,” he said. “It does vary from country to country but it is nearly non-existent.”

Cooperation Non-Existent

According to Ponemon – also professor for ethics and privacy at Carnegie Mellon University’s CIO Institute – while no country had a good record on sharing cybercrime information between the public and private sector, the UK faired better than some.

“In the UK for example you will find that at least the various commercial organisations will let businesses know when they have evidence of a threat but that doesn’t happen in the US,” he said. “What we find in the US is government handling their problems and business handling their problems. We have models of collaboration such as CERT but that only deals with a certain type of issue.”

For more go to: eWEEK Europe UK

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