Talking Non-CeNSE About Sustainability In Dubai

(from eWEEK Europe UK)

A conference on sustainability in Dubai might sound as sensible as a Gamblers Anonymous convention in Las Vegas. But that is where I found myself last week courtesy of HP.

Unless you’ve been living on Mars – in which case you’d be at home in Dubai – you already know the city is not a very sustainable place. Air-conditioning isn’t so much a luxury as a life-support mechanism given that temperatures in the summer regularly top 40 degrees if not 50 Centigrade.

Gleaming taxis shuttle you between space-station-like hotels,  so walking is not really an option. In fact holding your breath and dashing from vehicle to building is a must to avoid the hostile atmosphere.

And to top it all, Dubai also has a snow dome. Yes, a snow dome in the desert. It doesn’t get much more unsustainable than that.

To be fair, the actual event (entitled the HP Executive Energy Conference) covered energy rather than sustainability, so I suppose Dubai makes sense from that perspective – although since its own reserves of oil have dwindled, Dubai has moved to an obsession with building.

But as I heard from a local, most of the occupants of the myriad skyscrapers are people building other skyscrapers. Draw your own conclusions on sustainability from that one.

For more go to: eWEEK Europe UK

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