Will Consumers Pay More For Green Products?

This is my latest article for Greenhotelier.org:

Installing an exercise bike connected to a generator in a hotel foyer so guests can pedal for their supper is one way to put green policies into action. But while this recent experiment at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Copenhagen Towers shows that guests are happy to expend energy to save the planet, there is still uncertainty about how far this commitment extends in fiscal terms.

Amid an unsteady economic recovery, and concerns over a potential double-dip recession, the hospitality sector along with other industries are looking for evidence that investment in sustainability makes business sense. Ultimately, everyone wants to know just how much customers care.

Finding an answer is not easy, though that hasn’t stopped plenty of organisations from trying. Consumer research specialists, such as Mintel and Ipsos Mori, have carried out numerous studies to track green spending, and the markets attempt to measure the financial performance of companies that meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards with the FTSE4Good Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Fore more go to: Greenhotelier.org

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