Subterranean data centers emerge from the underground

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 18.06.27
Lefdal Mine Data Center, Norway

My latest column over at Data Center Knowledge asks whether underground data centers, such as the recently opened Lefdal Mine facility, in Norway are becoming more commonplace.

Lefdal has taken the concept of underground data centers and run with it. The facility, backed by regional investors and Norwegian power company SFE, has potential to reach capacity of 120,000 square meters (1.3 million square feet) of  data center space and more than 200MW of IT capacity. If fully utilized it would be the biggest data center in Europe.

As with other underground data centers, the organizations behind LMD – which also include Rittal and IBM – make much of the site’s physical security. However, its cooling system and access to cheap renewable energy are probably the standout features of the site.

More at DCK.

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