Bringing data science to facilities management

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.34.36This week’s Critical Thinking column for Data Center Knowledge is based on a recent interview with Michael Dongieux founder and chief executive of Fulcrum Collaborations.

Fulcrum has developed a cloud-based platform for facilities management called MCIM. It can be used to automate a lot of the day to day management tasks that were previously done using spreadsheets or manual check-lists.

The main benefit that MCIM can bring, according to Dongieux, is the insight it can give on the cost of maintaining specific pieces of equipment but also how that equipment performs not just in one site but across multiple data centers.

“When someone logs an incident report, they are able to associate every asset or assets that were involved in the incident and then say what the source of that failure was. That information is crowdsourced and clustered automatically. That enables us to correlate not only what the asset condition index, or ACI, score is of a particular piece of equipment, but we can also say for example that at 85 percent of their useful life, centrifugal chillers typically start to see an increasing occurrence of a specific kind of failure, ” said Dongieux. 

For the full article head over to Data Center Knowledge.

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