Is the race to exascale really a ‘moon shot’ endeavour?

Apollo 11 Crew Suited Up

My latest blog over at Verne Global is about the race to develop the first Exascale system which was discussed at the Data Center Dynamics Zettastructure event in London in November.

In a session entitled ‘The race to Exascale – meeting the IT infrastructure needs of HPC’ a panel of experts discussed the benefits of achieving the next big breakthrough in supercomputing.

Peter Hopton, founder of UK-based liquid cooling specialist Iceotope argued that China is focused on being the first to exascale but is less interested in the benefits the breakthrough could bring.

“They will be able to achieve the required number of flops to say they have done it. But it’s a bit like Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and then taking off again without stepping out of the door because they didn’t build a door on the capsule,” he said.

More over at Verne Global.

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