As the Climate Changes, So Should Data Center Operations

irma sept 5 iss nasa-1_0
The eye of Hurricane Irma is clearly visible from the International Space Station as it orbited over the Category 5 storm on Sept. 5, 2017.

My last column of the year over at Data Center Knowledge.

It’s based on a very informative and wide-ranging webcast from Uptime Institute earlier this week entitled: 10 Must-Answer Questions For Your 2018 Data Center Strategy.

One of the issues examined by the Uptime panel was how data center operators should respond to extreme weather events caused by global warming.

Uptime CTO Chris Brown argued that hardening facilities against extreme weather and temperatures was not the only issue. Operators also need to put the right procedures in place around data center staffing to better manage extreme weather events. “These last few storms have got people thinking about the operations personnel,” he said. “If you have a major storm coming through, people living and working in that area have their own homes, their own families, their own things to worry about. They are usually going to give those things their attention first before the data center. That is just human nature.”

Head to DCK for the full article.

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