Interview with Dominic Ward from Verne Global on new HPC cloud service

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.40.52I recently spoke with Iceland-based colocation and cloud services provider Verne Global about their new HPC-as-a-service (HPCaaS) offering hpcDIRECT.

Verne’s managing director Dominic Ward explained how the hpcDIRECT was a natural extension of its colocation services but will also take the company into some new areas in the future.

“I think the balance over time will shift towards more customers wanting to consume more HPCaaS. However for now I think the balance will remain that customers will want the majority – anything over 50% – in a colocation environment while wanting to start to test our HPCaaS. But I do think there will be gradual migration in the same way we have seen that shifting for enterprise cloud environments, or enterprise applications, I do think that is coming for HPC as well”

Head to Verne’s website for the full interview and for more about hpcDIRECT.

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