Where and how to build your next datacenter for maximum energy and carbon efficiency

Andrew at the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research’s facility in Tarragona Spain where the RenewIT tool was developed

I was lucky enough to be involved recently in an in-depth European Union research project called RenewIT. The project had a number of outputs but the main one was a web-based tool to enable different datacenter designs, and locations for those designs, to be compared across Europe in terms of energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction.

I just published an overview of the tool, which was a finalist in the recent Datacenter Dynamics awards, over at Verne Global’s site. The tool has some particular relevancy for the colocation and cloud services operator as it facilities are based in Iceland. Verne benefits from Iceland’s cheap and plentiful renewable energy and is encouraging more organisations to locate their workloads at its facilities.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 16.51.41
The RenewIT tool enables locations across Europe to be compared in terms of cost and access to renewable energy

Head over to Verne’s website to access the full blog. The RenewIT tool also has its own dedicated site and there is a separate site with more background on the project and its other outputs.

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