Open Compute Project targets new markets including colocation

I was lucky enough to speak with Steve Helvie, VP of channel at the non-profit Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation recently.

Helvie said OCP is targeting several key markets in 2018 as it looks to maintain its momentum and grow beyond hyper scalers. These include telcos, service providers (from SaaS to colocation), financial services (including blockchain), high-performance computing, healthcare, and government.

Regarding colocation operators, the group has released guidelines and a check-list to help with adoption of OCP equipment in colocation facilities. There are also plans for some kind of stamp or certification which has been discussed for over a year now.

However, the exact form the OCP-ready stamp will take is still being developed, according to Helvie. “We are likely not going to have another brand, but it will be a level of formal recognition. I want enterprises to be able to go into our marketplace and say, ‘Where can I find someone who is ready to host Open Compute?’”

Head to Data Center Knowledge for the full article.

OCP servers OCP summit 2017_1
Microsoft’s custom cloud servers, open sourced through the Open Compute Project, as seen at the OCP Summit 2017

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