Would you trust Siri or Alexa to manage your datacenter?

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 14.14.19

Ok. The headline is a little extreme but it has some basis in truth.

This week I spoke with Litbit co-founder JP Balajadia whose company is developing AI personas to help with the management of critical infrastructure including datacenters.

Specifically we spoke about the deal the AI-start-up has done with CBRE.

The facilities management specialist is licensing Litbit’s AI  ‘persona’ technology to help it improve the management services it provides to datacenter customers.

The deal is still at an early stage and we didn’t discuss too much in the way of specifics but it will be interested to keep tabs on how it all progresses.

In particular, I’d like to know how many of CBRE’s 600 to 800 datacenter customers will sign up to the initiative and what the data privacy and security implications might be.

The other big challenge is how, and from where, Litbit and CBRE are going to pull data into the system to train the AI persona which will be known as REMI.

We did touch on it during our conversation – it will be text based initially – but the specifics of what the user interface for the REMI persona will be like will also be interesting to see.

For the full article go to Data Center Knowledge.

I’ve also written before about the wider challenges of using AI in datacenter management. 

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