April Fool! Mandelson To Rap On Anti File-Sharing Single

From our new eWEEK Europe UK writer Teresa Green

Business secretary Lord Mandelson may be about to add MC to his already extensive list of titles.

In a press release issued this week, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills said it planned to increase its efforts to combat the threat of illegal downloading and file-sharing by releasing a single highlighting the problems featuring Mandelson himself on vocals.

Fight For Your Right – To Profits

While the news that Mandelson plans to rap on the track may surprise some, it is believed that the business secretary is a secret fan of hard-core hip-hop acts including Dr Dre, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg. According to sources close to the BIS, the idea of Mandelson rapping on the track was first suggested by David Geffen during a meeting between the two last year in Corfu.

The track in question is believed to be a cover of the popular Beastie Boys track “Fight For Your Right” with Mandelson replacing the word “Party” with “Profits”, to reflect the hard times which record labels have found themselves in of late, thanks to the rise of illegal downloads.

Fight For Your Right (To Profits), featuring MC Mandelson, will be released on Geffen records to coincide with enforcement of the Digital Economy Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, and the UK release of Apple’s iPad later this month.

For more go to eWEEK Europe UK

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