HR versus the Millennial generation

HR departments and new technologyIt’s fair to say HR departments have been more focused on dealing with redundancies than new hires in the last couple of years.

But as the economy begin to emerge from recession and businesses look to the recovery, the challenge of dealing with new employees will return. And this next generation of workers will be more demanding than any of their predecessors, especially in terms of technology.

Unprecedented levels of technical literacy, the rise of remote working and focus on sustainability mean younger workers will have very definite ideas on how they’re expected to be treated by potential employers.

Projecting ahead to what businesses and HR departments will face in the Britain of 2020, insurance company Friends Provident expects to see the emergence of demanding “elite workers”.

“By 2020, the balance of power between employees and employers will have shifted in favour of elite workers. This means employers will require more robust and rigorous HR strategies to shape the future success of the business,” says Friends Provident human resources director Gillian Fox.

And it will be the job of HR departments to put the policies in place to attract these elite workers and retain them: “Only by fostering a culture that truly allows talented employees to prosper will employers be able to attract, recruit and, more importantly, retain this powerful band of employees,” she said.

Consultant Accenture has been analysing the emergence of this new generation, also dubbed “Millennials” – and companies that fail to tune their corporate culture to meet the needs of these future workers, aged between 14 and 27, will suffer in the long run, it predicts.

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