Pulling in the media favours on my first analyst report

Thanks to Silicon, BusinessGreen and eWEEK Europe UK for the coverage of my first Long Form analyst report for The 451 Group.

Silicon.com: CIOs Turned off By Power Management

IT departments are resisting the rollout of PC power-management technology as they believe the downtime and productivity losses associated with implementing it are too great a risk.

And this opposition is likely to remain until IT can directly benefit from the cost savings that greater energy efficiency can generate, according to analyst house The 451 Group.

Power-management software allows desktop computers to be turned off remotely to ensure they aren’t drawing power when not in use. This means PCs aren’t left on overnight or when people don’t come into work, significantly reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

For more go to Silicon.com

BusinessGreen.com: Corporations Turn On TO PC Turn Off

The global market for PC power management technologies will continue to expand “at a pretty rapid rate”, according to a major new report confirming that the energy savings delivered by automated PC turn-off technologies can deliver a return on investment in less than six months for many organisations.

The study from IT industry analysts The 451 Group, entitled PC Power Management – Measuring, Monitoring and Managing Client Energy Consumption, concluded that despite the rapid expansion of the PC power management market in recent years the technology has still achieved market penetration of just 20 per cent, leaving plenty of room for expansion.

For more go to BusinessGreen.com

Thanks to eWEEK Europe UK for the coverage too – site seems to be down though so can’t put the links in yet.




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