Can better virtual management bring real datacenter savings?

I spoke with European datacenter start-up Eco4Cloud a couple of weeks back and the report based on that conversation has just been published (for 451 subscribers) on 451 Eco4Cloud (E4C) is a spinoff from the Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR) of Italy’s National Research Council (CNR) and the University of Calabria. The company has developed software designed to deal with virtual machine (VM) sprawl and low server-utilization rates. E4C’s software effectively automates the real-time consolidation of VMs onto the minimum number of physical servers. The remaining servers, with a low number of VMs or none at all, can be power-managed dynamically based on workload variations, or even retired. E4C has received early stage funding from two external investors, and is looking to attract new investment and partners in 2014.


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